Topic is a type of content on Cooking Together which allows users to share information or organize discussions. A topic can be a piece of news, blog, tips and ideas etc. Each topic is tagged with a topic type to make it clear what this topic is about.

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There are a few things you can do regarding topics:

  • Topics can be placed in a group or outside a group. When creating it outside a group, the topic is visible on the homepage stream and on the profile of the author. When created in a group, the topic will be in the group's topic overview.
  • You can create a topic by using the ‘+’ button in the header menu or the button on the topic overview page of your profile. When creating you can either choose to add it to a group or not. You can also create a topic in a group directly from the group itself.

Creating a topic inside a closed group will only be available to members of that group.


  • An author can edit his own topic, but Site Managers and Content Managers can edit any topic created by others unless they are unpublished.
  • The same goes for deleting a topic. This can be done at the bottom of the topic edit page, or management roles can delete it from the content overview.


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